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Finding the right materials is imperative when you like sewing, it is also especially important to have a shop that you know will carry all the items you need.

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Thanks to our passion for crafts & experience in the business we know perfectly well what to stock

Terry’s Fabrics is a family-owned business that is also family run. 

We have over 29 years of experience in the business and this makes us experts when it comes to stocking the best materials for all professionals and amateurs alike. 

If you are just starting out we also provide you with excellent advice for a well informed end decision. 

We stock a variety of items for you to choose from and regardless of the project you might be working on you will find everything you need under one roof.

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Excellent after sales service

We provide you with excellent after sales service as it is very important to us that our clients are always highly satisfied.

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A variety of uniforms available

We provide you with uniforms for secondary and primary schools whether it is church schools or private schools.

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Small alterations available

Since we are professionals in the industry we can also provide you with small alterations on clothes, offering you a well rounded service.