Providing quality materials


It is well understood within sewing circles that in order to achieve the best results you need the passion for the craft as well as excellent materials to work with. We are very proud to be sole distributors and agents of high quality brands such as Makeower, DCWV, Darice, Cranston, Crafty Ribbons and Tonic.

Whether you are creating dresses, curtains, costumes or others, you will find all the materials you need under one roof. Another advantage of visiting us is the fact that we have a great amount of experience in the industry and thus we can provide you with all the advice you need should you be in doubt regarding your next buy.


We see to it that we are always well stocked so that we can ensure that everytime our clients are in need of supplies, they can find them within our premises. You will also find knitting materials as well as other products needed for different kinds of crafts such as crocheting materials, cotton prints, bow-making materials, lace, animation fabrics, cross stitch sets, plain cotton, patchwork materials and more. 

Why choose us


29 years of Experience

We have over 29 years of experience in the business. Meaning we can provide you with advice should you be in doubt about any of the materials that you need for your next project, be it if you're a professional or an amateur.

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A family-owned business

Ours is a family-owned and family-run  business, therefore, the passion and experience that we have makes us the perfect people to stock excellent items for all those that are either just starting out or professionals when it comes to sewing.

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Yet another service that we offer is alterations. We do small alterations to clothing, which is yet another testimonial to the service that we offer and to the experience that we bring forth within our shop with every service that we offer.